Why Choose A Garrett Turbocharger Over A "No Name" Aftermarket Unit?

Guaranteed Performance: Garrett is the original manufacturer of your turbocharger when the vehicle was built, so replacing it with the exact same model ensures performance, economy and the reliability you expect.

Exact Fit:No surprises here, this unit will bolt right in place of your old unit. No modifications or extra hardware needed. This Garrett turbo is a 100% direct fit, saving time and money.

Durability: Garrett is no stranger to the industry, supplying millions of turbochargers worldwide to just about every engine manufacturer in existence. Your new turbocharger is made with the same quality materials and assembly accuracy that the OEM requires. Premium parts equal a unit that will provide the longest service life possible for your application

Warranty: All Garrett turbochargers carry a 12 month nationwide warranty for peace of mind knowing your purchase is backed by a company you can trust.

Our sale price will save money over the cost of the exact same unit from your dealership, and is very competitive with "no name" generic units of lesser quality.