Turbo Repair is dedicated to providing the very best rebuilding services for your turbocharger. Our rebuilds receive specific updates to all critical rebuild components and full attention to detail during service.  We service many OEM automotive, light truck and industrial turbochargers that are all backed by a full warranty and any technical assistance needed throughout the re-installation process.

All Of Our Rebuilds Include:

• Full tear down and inspection
• Consultation with you to identify cause of failure
• Every part is ultra-sonic cleaned and either re-machined, coated or replaced
• Full replacement of all consumables including bearings, seals and gaskets
• 3 Stage balancing is performed to exceed OEM specifications
• Oil circuit, bearing journals and sealing surfaces are blue-printed
• A full re-calibration of the wastegate actuator is performed
• Assembly takes place in a clean room environment
• Final quality control check is performed to ensure trouble free installation
• Every turbo has a 100% workmanship guarantee
• OEM replacement turbochargers carry a 1 year warranty

 Other Services Available:

• Compressor or turbine wheel upgrades
• Turbine housing A/R upgrades, flange options
• Compressor housing upgrades, V-band flange installation
• Speed sensor mounting points installed

Rebuilding Fees:

A general turbocharger rebuild can start at $385.00, but due to the variety of the specific model and condition the pricing can vary and is case specific. We provide a full quote upon receipt and tear down of your turbocharger, this quote is based upon the parts and labor required to complete the rebuilding process. The price for inspection of any turbocharger is $40.00 and will be fully credited to the rebuild total if you choose to have the turbocharger serviced with us. We will be happy to provide you a phone estimate that includes a base price and full replacement price for best and worst case scenarios prior to you shipping your turbo to us. A core/core charge may be required on some models. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions that you may have, we will be happy to help!

If you decide to send your turbocharger in to us for a rebuild, please print and fill out a customer info form and send it in with your turbocharger.

Precision Turbo, Turbonectics, and other aftermarket manufacturers products not built by us must be inspected before we can guarantee any type of service is possible. We have found that in many circumstances internal components have been machined or altered to a non-serviceable condition or there is an issue with availability of parts.

For more comprehensive information, please visit our Turbocharger Rebuilds page.