How Should I Properly Install My Oil Feed Line?

Your oil supply line should originate as close to the oil pump as possible. Many domestic engines will have several locations to chose from and regardless of location the flow schematic of the particular engine must be studied to ensure a long life for both engine and turbocharger. All NPT fittings must be sealed with liquid Teflon, use of silicone or Teflon tape could contaminate your oil feed and cause damage to your turbocharger. Almost every engine has a bypass valve for the oil filter, so the installation of an in line oil filter between the engine and turbo is highly recommended. The addition of a magnet on the factory oil filter will help protect the turbo even further by trapping any ferrous material caused by ring wear or other sources of contamination.

What Is The Proper Oil Viscosity Or Type For My Turbocharger?

Any high quality oil with a minimum of 30 weight viscosity is adequate. Always consult with your engine builder for oil viscosity and type, and if possible talk about this before engine assembly begins for compatibility.

What Is The Ideal Oil Temperature For My Turbocharger?

Your turbocharger should never be operated at full load until the oil temperature reaches 160˚ to 180˚. In some race applications such as an alcohol fuel system or an engine with an ice reservoir cooling system the use of an oil pre-heater will be require.

Do I Need To Run An Oil Feed Line Restrictor?

No, with the exception of some ball bearing models. Your turbocharger needs 2 to 3 gallons of oil per minute at 60psi to 100psi under full load. The internal passages provide the necessary flow of oil through the turbocharger and the subsequent restriction.

What Size Oil Supply Line Should I Run?

In most cases a -4AN size is adequate for the S200SX, T3/T4, and up to the GT42 and S300SX. If the line is longer than 3 feet, step up to -6AN to ensure full oil flow. For turbochargers such as Garrett GT45 and BorgWarner S400SX or larger a -6AN line is required.

What Is The Proper Oil Return Line Size And Routing?

Oil return lines must be a minimum of 1/2" or -8AN for Garrett T2 or BorgWarner S200SX, For Garrett T3/T4 and Borg Warner S300SX a -10AN, and -12 for Garrett GT45 or Borg Warner S400SX or larger turbocharger. The oil line MUST flow downhill, minimum of 1.5" of drop per 12" of line length. The fittings used must be full flow type will all hole sizes keeping the minimum specified ID. Avoid 90* fittings if possible, and if they must be used make sure they are on the hose end and not the NPT fitting. The line must enter the engine at a level higher than the oil and away from any wind age created from the rotating assembly. If possible always install the drain on the driver's side of the oil pan.