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Who is Reed Patridge?

Reeds_GNWork Turbochargers is headed up by owner Reed Patridge, who has been a turbocharger enthusiast since the purchase of his Buick GN in 1993.  Patridge grew up no stranger to high performance, thanks to his father's passion for Dirt Bikes and his mother's full support of all his racing endeavors.  Reed raced competitive BMX for many of his early years, and, like most gear heads, the real fun started when he got his first car.  To be expected, the first car was not quite fast enough and was replaced with the Buick Grand National, which spawned a fascination of turbochargers and their integration into high performance.

In 1994 Reed met John Myers, 3 time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion, and quickly found out about his underground turbocharger business in Birmingham, Alabama.  A unique, productive, and long-lasting friendship developed quickly. The late nights and weekends that followed found Patridge and Myers experimenting with as many turbo combinations as the two could dream up and make happen in a small suburban garage.  John's success as a turbo builder led him in 1995 to open Turbo Specialties as his full time business. As coincidence would have it, Myers' shop was located just down the street from the Patridge family's business where Reed worked.  The following three years were filled with the sounds of turbochargers as quite a local buzz about the shop began to spread around the Birmingham area.  Reed helped out after hours at Turbo Specialties until John's passing in 1998, at which point Reed purchased the business.  Until 2004, the shop was run under the Turbo Specialties name and focused on helping teams within the NMRA and NMCA, as well as undertaking the smaller challenge of building many specialty turbochargers for individual customers.  It was during that time that Reed decided to move away from the particular niche John had carved out for the business and redirect his focus to concentrate more on the OEM aspect of the turbocharger world. When this evolution occurred, the legal name was then changed to

Matt-and-ReedFast forward to 2008: Reed teamed up with longtime friend, Matt Rocksvold, and set the ground work for SuperNatural Turbo, a small business that was focused on helping out a community of friends who were in need of some turbo help.  During that time, Reed worked with many great customers, who would later become close friends as well.  Helping set records, win championships, and, most importantly, provide the very best turbochargers possible were the simple goals of SuperNatural. It is that same attitude and approach to business that is being directly carried over into the Work Turbochargers name.

Outside of the daily fun of building turbochargers, Reed also has a passion for pre-war hot rods.  His current projects include a 1936 Ford pickup with a fully built Mercury flathead and a 28 Model A roadster that will be powered by a 1960 Y-block with a pair of vintage RaJay turbochargers.  A trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speedweek 2011 is also in the works with Reed and his father, who plan on attacking the salt with a turbocharged 125cc Yamaha and setting a new record on 2 wheels.

Reed's 1987 Buick Grand National

This is the car that started it all. Purchased right after graduating high school, the GN still serves me well to this day. It is currently getting a makeover from almost 300,000 miles of use over the past 21 years. It has been everything from a daily driver, to a test mule for development of turbocharger combinations, and even at one point a little bit of a show car.

Reed's 1936 Ford Truck

I have always wanted to build a traditional hot rod, my chance developed in 2004 when Matt and I found my project holding up a North Alabama barn. So far the truck has gotten road time in Austin, TX at the Lonestar Roundup in 2006 and 2007. It was driven along side my dad and his 1960 Ford to the 8th Annual Dixie Fried Car Show in Atlanta, GA that is put on annually by the Atlanta Road Kings. At the 2010 NMRA Columbus, OH event, it was my main source of transportation around town. Finishing off the 2010 race season, we made our way along the back roads from our shop in Pelham, AL all the way to the NMRA Finals in Bowling Green, KY, totaling to almost 1000 miles. What makes this truck unique to drive is the fact that there are very few parts newer than 1955 used in its construction.

Dad's 1960 Ford Truck

My dad has always had a taste for non-mainstream vehicles, and his 1960 model truck is no exception. Powered by a 315CID Ford Y-Block, the '60 is my dad's first turbocharged powered vehicle he has owned. It has been driven all over the Southeast, making the road trip to Columbus, OH and back for the past 2 years. We are looking to improve on our best ET of 14.50 at 94mph in the near future.

Reed's GSD - Addie

While searching for some parts for my 28 Model A project, I located quarter panels and some other goodies just south of Oklahoma City. While planning the road trip, I found an advertisement in the local Ada, OK newspaper for a litter of German Shepherd puppies. One email and phone call later, I was on the way!  I came back with my Model A parts and a loving new companion. Many new friends were found when Addie made her racing debut, earlier this year at the ORTC Radial Revolution in South GA. She is by my side 24/7 helping me with whatever is needed around the shop. We are looking forward to traveling as a team during the 2011 race season.   

Revolution Performance Marine

From 2005 to 2008 I had the pleasure of helping out Revolution Performance Marine in the development and debut of their 26 Redline, serial number 1. For the initial build, as part of a three man team, my day to day work routine encompassed every aspect of the 26 Redline's design and construction in one way or another outside of the actual design of the hull itself. When the 26 Redline was debuted in 2006 for both Powerboat Magazine and Hot Boat Magazine in it's first showing of the annual performance reviews, Steve Tripp (RPM owner) rocked the sport catamaran world on it's heels with a new hull design that consistently outperformed others in it's class and garnered rave reviews of performance and workmanship in a tough market. New experiences of building high performance marine engines, designing and applying paint graphics, composite engineering, and many other exceptional and diverse tasks led to experiences and knowledge that will stay with me forever.  Steve passed away earlier this year, and he will be missed.  I will always be greatful for the oppurtunity to help with his dream "business", I truly was lucky to have called him a friend.



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