WORK Turbochargers

About WORK Turbochargers

WORK Turbochargers is a service driven turbocharger business dedicated to providing the best customer experience to those needing turbocharger assistance.  We are located in central Alabama, just south of Birmingham.  Our capabilities range from turbocharger rebuilding services for OEM applications in the passenger car, light truck and commerical markets to custom building high performance turbochargers for some of the most demanding racing arenas in motorsports.

Our focus has always been customer service for over 18 years, this a cornerstone of our reputation and what drives the heart of WORK Turbochargers. The ability to to work directly with OEM manufactures such as BorgWarner/AirWerks allows your turbocharger experience to be as satisfactory as possible with the technology needed to provide a successful and reliable turbo product. Exceptionally strong manufactuer contacts within this market allows us to be on the forefront of the changes and new developments within the turbocharger industry; this not only applies to perfomance applications but to every aspect of the OEM turbocharger market whether it is a new product, or developments that affects the performance and reliability of rebuilds as well.

Please take a moment to also look into the man behind the scenes, Who is Reed Patridge for a more in-depth and personal look into who we are. Our knowledge base has been developed directly with our customer in mind, striving to help educate and address turbocharger issues, please contact us if there is any additional information we can provide to address your needs