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       Need A New Or Rebuilt Turbocharger?

                      We Are Here To Help! 

  • Turbocharger rebuilds for almost any make and model vehicle

  • Comprehensive technical support for both the weekend mechanic
    as well as the professional shop

  • Premium quality parts, we simply provide the very best
    for your vehicle
    ...with many of our units featuring a 2 year warranty!

  • Fast turn around, 2 days typical service time. 
    Same day service is available on most units,
    call for details.




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99.5-03 PS Rebuilt

At some point in a turbocharged vehicle's life,
the need will arise to service the turbocharger unit
for one or more reasons.

One of the key factors in the service of a rebuild
is to understand why your turbocharger needs service,
was it simply normal wear to a point of failure or is there
a problem somewhere else that has caused your
turbocharger to have problems? We will provide you with
a comprehensive cause of failure and tips to help you get
the best life out of your newly rebuilt turbocharger! 

Turbo Rebuilding 101 in our Knowledge Base is all about turbocharger rebuild services.
You will find answers to most common questions about rebuilding a turbocharger
along with information about particular details you should know in order to make
informed deciscions in regards to your repair.

Our vehicle specific menu on the left highlights details about turbocharger replacement,
service and maintenance tips as well as known problems and solutions for that particular vehicle. 
If you don't see your vehicle listed in our menu don't hesitate to contact us about your turbocharger!
We are continually adding information to our website, please let us know if your vehicle is not
featured and we will be happy to assist you with your turbocharger questions and service needs.

Thank you,

Reed Patridge, President

WORK Turbochargers

Turbo-Repair_wbg Is Here To Help You!

Turbocharger rebuild service along with helpful information about
how to maintain a turbocharger! is the premiere turbocharger resource for information about turbocharger repairs,
turbo rebuilding services, and how to determine when it's time for a replacement - all brought to you
exclusively by WORK Turbochargers! The staff at WORK Turbochargers is dedicated to
providing you with comprehensive and easy to follow information about your turbocharged vehicle
along with our turbocharger rebuilding services to get you back on the road while avoiding
further repair expenses. 

Helping you understand the basics and much more is what the
Knowledge Base is all about!

  • Turbochargers 101 is your starting point for understanding what turbocharging is all about.
  • Turbocharger Maintenance 101 is designed to educate the new turbocharger owner as well
    as provide technical answers to problems for the long time turbocharger enthusiast.

In addition to our knowledge base, the Turbocharger Rebuilds section on the left is where you
will find model specific details about your vehicle.  WORK Turbochargers provides you with
the specifics of your turbocharged vehicle for making informed decisions when it comes to
having a professional take care of rebuilding your turbo.

Stay tuned for continual updates and additions with technical advice, tips and tricks as well as
other information for the turbocharged community. Be sure to check back with us often and
if you have any questions that are not answered about your vehicle,
just email us
for a quick response!

Thank you,
-WORK Turbochargers

Turbo-Repair_wbg Is Owned By WORK Turbochargers

      Located In Pelham, Just South Of Birmingham, Alabama

The focus of our business is to take care of our customers to the best of our abilities,
we realize and embrace that you are the reason we are here.  Our efforts of striving to provide
superior service to our customers is what is all about. Not everyone will
find it practical to send their turbo off for repair, we've even included some thoughts in our
Knowledge Base on what you should expect from a local turbo shop, simply to have you
as informed as possible about your repair or replacement.

Every business has competitors, we encourage you to shop around and talk to a few places
before making a decision about where to turn - all that we ask is consideration for your business
to help you with your repairs. A turbo repair or replacement is not an easy task,
WORK Turbochargers provides strong professional guidance all the way through every step of
your service including installation support provided after the sale without additional cost
to get you back on the road.

Please take some time to look around our continually evolving website, if you are in need of
an answer that is not covered on this site, please contact us and we will be more than happy
to help.  A brief history about WORK Turbochargers can be found here, and of course please
check back often for more updates and service tips.

Thank you!,
-WORK Turbochargers



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